Women Survivors Initiative in Syria

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Amal Al-Nassan

is a Syrian lawyer from 2001, a Syrian activist and dissident who worked in the field of documenting violations of human rights from 2011 until now.

Trained in the field of human rights, international humanitarian law, gender-based violence and sexual violence, she contributed to the establishment of several human rights organizations, including the Free Syrian Lawyers Association and the Human Rights Protection Organization and among the founders of Lawyers and Doctors for Human Rights and the Amal Center for Advocacy and Recovery currently holds the Chairman of the Amal Center for Advocacy Recovery in Antakya, a founding member of the Syrian Women Survivors Organization, is currently the coordinator of the Syrian Women Survivors Group

Iman Al-Dram
Arabic language school
A Syrian survivor, against the background of political activity and opinion
Chair of the Board of Directors of Syrian Women Survivors Group
The relief worker for the survivor’s group in Chanli Urfa
A volunteer to teach orphaned children in Ataa community centers

Hala Haitham Al-Haj Hazza
Human rights defender from Deir Ezzor and a former detainee in the regime’s prisons, against the background of expressing political opinion and participating in the revolutionary movement

I have been working to document human rights violations since the beginnings of the Syrian revolution, and a founding member and executive director of the Syrian Women Survivors Organization

Women Survivors Team

Iman Al-Dram


Amel Al nassan