Women Survivors Initiative in Syria

About Us


Are We ?

A group of Syrian women who have subjected to detention or enforced disappearance because of their opinions or political activities and those who support them.

We believe in the values of the Syrian revolution in freedom, justice and democracy.

We seek to reveal the truth, achieve justice, and hold accountable perpetrators of abuses. We participate in the issue of criminalising detention on political background in Syria and work to prevent the recurrence of these violations

It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with legal personality and independent financial liability licensed in

Turkey, Sanliurfa, no: 63.014.142, in 2019




We are working to reach a Syrian community with justice and freedom of expression.



We work to raise the capacities of women survived detention and enforced disappearance and empower them politically, socially and on the level of human rights to combat arbitrary detention of women and achieve justice for survivors. We also support the issue of detention for women by all means.

We believe in the freedom of man and their rights to express their opinions and decent life and we do our best to achieve justice for every survivor, as it is the least that they deserve.



Create safe work environment and coordination for survivors.
Support and reintegrate of survivors into society.
Reactivate detention survivors politically and socially.
Contribute to achieving justice and bringing those responsible for the arrest and torture of women in Syria to domestic and international courts.
Contribute to shedding light on the issue of women arrested in the Syrian security branches and detention centres of the various armed militias.
Effectively include the voice of survivors in transitional justice initiatives and remedies.
The main headquarter: The organisation is headquartered in Sanliurfa, Turkey.


Main Principles

Combating Violence and Peacebuilding

Survivors Organisation opposes all forms of physical and verbal violence and forms of discrimination and considers that stopping violence is a paramount necessity for peacebuilding.

Freedom of opinion and expression

Survivors Organisation believes that the promotion of freedom of opinion and expression is a top priority in the process of peaceful transformation and transitional justice that leads to a healthy society.

Transitional justice

Survivors Organisation stands firm in achieving transitional justice, as we believe that no peace will last unless perpetrators are held accountable.

Women's rights

Survivors Organisation believes in the ability of Syrian women to lead society and achieve scientific, social and political accomplishments, and believes that Syrian women obtaining their full rights at the top of the pyramid of needs for the next stage.